Desert Awakenings Sober Living is committed to developing an affordable, sober-living home, promoting personal discipline, a strong work ethic and a spiritual foundation of services and involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous since January 2013. This democratically managed living environment is designed for those who need time in a safe, supportive environment to establish a sober foundation. The spiritual philosophy found in the 12-Steps and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous will serve as the program's foundation and guiding principles. Desert Awakenings houses 7 to 9 men and serves as a bridge linking men from a residential recovery environment or treatment to the broader recovering community. Through a strong emphasis on service, sponsorship and practicing the principles in all our affairs, Desert Awakenings creates an environment where individuals are committed to developing and practicing the spiritual principles and disciplines so necessary to recovery. This growing experience of "community" is accomplished through full-time/part-time employment or volunteer work, the practice of daily spiritual disciplines and by active involvement in AA's "pockets of enthusiasm" throughout the metropolitan area.
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Financial viability is maintained through affordable, yet self-supporting, contributions from guests as well as funds secured from individuals and The Supporting Angels program. Reimbursement for housing from insurers or government agencies will not be accepted by Desert Awakenings. We provide sober-housing for $1150 per bed per month +$550 sober living deposit. This fee includes the monthly contribution, utilities, local/long distance phone service, internet Wi-Fi service and satellite TV and some foods.

Desert Awakenings Task Force consists of other SOBER-LIVING owners, The Riverside County Sober Living Coalition and selected community leaders, and meets regularly to review the plan and its implementation. Desert Awakenings is fully self-supporting through it own contributions.

"Cast  Your Own Shadow"

Children growing up in a family where addiction is previlant often wind up making adjudgements and compromises in order to survive in what they see as a hostile environment.

By doing this they often stiffle their own identity and never achive a healthy, mature, personality.

Mirroring---Is the behavior in which one person copies another usually while in a social interaction with them. It may include attitude, miming, gestures, movements, body language, muscle accent, choice of words or metaphors. When we become our fully authenticated, self - We, "Cast Our Own Shadow"

Bill McPhie
Recovery Consultant